A Vivid Dream

A photo by Steph Ortiz

I brought you in my room and we sat in front a screen like projector

You decided to walk around as if observing every item in my room

On the screen I was clicking through photos and then called you to come see

I showed you photos I had taken that I thought were funny and as I was laughing I clicked to the next photos and they were photos of you that I had taken

My laugh turned into a soft smile and you turned to me

Put your hand on my cheek gently directing my face towards you and then you kissed me



A poem

Photo by Steph Ortiz

I don’t recall which came first

But I remember whiskey and wine

I forget which song it was

But I remember there was dancing

Dancing in your little apartment

With your hands on my waist

Flustered, you let go

Your eyes on me

As I put my lipstick on

Your hand stroking my hair as you

tell me to let my hair down

Your eyes on me

As I give you the cigarette from my lip

Hesitated, and said you’d given up



A poem

Photo by Steph Ortiz

We talked about soulmates

And whether or not we believed in them

We said maybe you could have multiple soulmates

But we also agreed you could have just one

We said you could be completely in love, in a commitment relationship

But one day meet and stare into someone else’s eyes as they speak

And realise they’re your soulmate

And as you looked into my eyes,

You agreed

And I said in that moment – there’s nothing you can do about it

And you agreed.



A playlist

Photo by Steph Ortiz

A playlist I made as I rode the train home, decided it would be the last time I would think of you

I have photos and videos of everything else but you

All I have are mere fragments of moments I’ve forcefully forgotten

And this